It's Grit!


Grit Fondo Riders will go for a treat. This route is for the intermediate to advanced rider. All routes are self-supported!


It’s Grit!
75 Miles of Joy!

The Grit Route will take athletes deep into Goethe’s most beautiful and remote areas providing an extraordinary gravel experience to everyone seeking an adventure!

Two Grit Segments of the route (mile 49-51 and 60.5-62.5) will challenge your bike handling skills, equipment and will give you something to talk about at dinner! IT’S GRIT!

Make sure to stop at the Big Cypress Boardwalk Trail and check out The Goethe Giant which is over 900 years old, and is 105 feet tall. Please do not ride the trail. The short hike is worth it!

With a single water stop at mile 20, we highly recommend carrying enough fluids, nutrition and repair kit for the entire journey.

All routes are SELF-SUPPORTED.

See you at dinner!

Download The Route

Know Before You Download:

  • FIT Course: Is the best format for turn-by-turn directions on modern Garmin Edge Devices.
  • GPX Track: Useful for any GPS unit. Contains no cuesheet entries, only track information (breadcrumb trail).
  • GPX Route: Only the cuesheet entries, not the entire track. Not useful for most, you most likely want a GPX Track.

Grit Fondo Route:

Download Route

Grit Fondo riders are going LONG. This one you’ll remember. Can’t wait to hear all about it at dinner! All Fondos are self-supported. 

Recommended Machine

  • Gravel bikes
  • MTB bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Helmets are required for all riders participating.

We highly recommend 38mm or larger tires, a repair kit, plenty of fluids, and enough nutrition for the journey!

All Grit Gravel and Roll Fondos are Self-Supported!

What is

Grit Gravel & Roll Fondos are all self-supported. That means no SAG stops, no re-supply station, etc.

We highly recommend all riders carry everything they’ll need to successfully complete the route.

Make sure to carry enough fluids and stay hydrated, bring enough nutrition, first-aid-kid, and bike repair KIT.


Important Safety Information

We know you are excited but we would like to remind you of the following:

  • Always wear your helmet
  • Please no aero bars
  • Please don't wear earbuds
  • Bring a cell phone or any other form of a communication device
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency
  • Wear your Road ID
  • Bring gloves
  • Bring a bike repair kit
  • Bring eyewear
  • Bring enough fluids and nutrition
  • Bring an insurance card, cash, credit card, etc.
  • We highly recommend 38mm or larger tires

Other Things to keep in mind:

  • Check weather forecast
  • Have your bicycle inspected by a professional for your safety and the safety of other rides
  • Be aware of wildlife. Tell us more at dinner
  • You should always wear sunblock protection
  • Pick your distance based on your ability
  • Always, always use common sense
  • Keep the family informed. Let others know where you'll be and at what time you are planning to return
  • This is an open-to-the-public route. Be mindful and respectful of others
  • It is your responsibility to ride safely at all times
  • Have a great time and smile at the camera!

All Grit Gravel and Roll Fondos are Self-Supported!

See you at dinner!

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