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Terry is a Speaker/Trainer, Author, General Contractor and Broker Associate with Exit Realty Producers in Gainesville, Florida. His role is training and agent support. Terry has three books published to assist agents with their customers, Home Owners Manual,  Tools, Tips and Remodeling Plan and, First Engagement. Here is the link to his authors site.  Terry is a twenty year military veteran, having served twelve years active duty in the US Army, where he served as a Cavalry Scout with the 1st Infantry Division during operation Desert Storm. When he’s not working, you will find him cycling or kayaking around Florida.

Getting Fit After 50

A 40-minute presentation of steps you can take to start getting fit after fifty or at any age. I will explain the steps I took to go from fat to fit and not starting till I was 62. Areas to covered:

  • The Big Lie
  • Getting Started
  • Nutrition 
  • “The Case Against Sugar”
  • The TV workout session
  • Setting fitness goals
  • Links you can use to assist you achieving your goal
  • Creating a health regimen

There is nothing to buy, no books being sold, no coaching being offered, this is an information presentation that will encourage you to start getting fit or help you focus on a healthy lifestyle for the future. 

Terry Martin-Back is a runner and cyclist who competes in half marathons, Duathlons at the age of 68 and didn’t start getting fit till he was 62. A combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm, business owner and a Florida Gravel Biking Quixote.




We’re a Florida legal firm based in downtown Tampa, FL. We’re focused on local biking clubs and cycling enthusiasts in our area who need legal assistance. We also help other bikers who live in the surrounding locations in and around Florida. Our mission is to help bikers navigate the legal system.

Matthew C. Scarborough, Esq. is an experienced bicyclist who shares your love of biking.

Call (813) 253-0097 now to learn more!

Safety Issues

Matt Scarborough, Esq. of Bicycle Accident Law will be discussing safety issues to make all of your rides safer and more enjoyable.

Whether your prefer gravel, road, mountain bike or just the sidewalk, some simple tips and exercises will keep you pedaling!



Justin Hanneken, Executive Director of Ends of the Earth Cycling

Ends of the Earth Cycling is a ministry of a mission sending agency called New International; a non-profit organization based out of Fort Myers, FL. New International has 220+ missionaries in over 36 countries worldwide.  New International exists to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally.

Great Storytelling – Riding For A Cause.



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